Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm

Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm is a delightful children's novel by Kate Douglas Wiggin that tells the story of Rebecca Rowena Randall and her two stern aunts in the village of Riverboro, Maine.

Rebecca's family has fallen upon hard times, and the story opens with her leaving her childhood home to live with her two aunts Miranda and Jane Sawyer. Despite her early hardships, Rebecca has an infectious joy for life that inspires her aunts as she faces the trials and tribulations of growing up. Books for Young Readers.

Table of Contents

Chapter I: "We are Seven"

Chapter II: Rebecca's Relations

Chapter III: A Difference in Hearts

Chapter IV: Rebecca's Point of View

Chapter V: Wisdom's Ways

Chapter VI: Sunshine in a Shady Place

Chapter VII: Riverboro Secrets

Chapter VIII: Color of Rose

Chapter IX: Ashes of Roses

Chapter X: Rainbow Bridges

Chapter XI: "The Stirring of the Powers"

Chapter XII: "See the Pale Martyr"

Chapter XIII: Snow-White; Rose-Red

Chapter XIV: Mr. Aladdin

Chapter XV: The Banquet Lamp

Chapter XVI: Seasons of Growth

Chapter XVII: Gray Days and Gold

Chapter XVIII: Rebecca Represents the Family

Chapter XIX: Deacon Israel's Successor

Chapter XX: A Change of Heart

Chapter XXI: The Sky Line Widens

Chapter XXII: Clover Blossoms and Sunflowers

Chapter XXIII: The Hill Difficulty

Chapter XXIV: Aladdin Rubs His Lamp

Chapter XXV: Roses of Joy

Chapter XXVI: Over the Teacups

Chapter XXVII: "The Vision Splendid"

Chapter XXVIII: "Th' Inevitable Yoke"

Chapter XXIX: Mother and Daughter

Chapter XXX: "Good-By, Sunnybrook!"

Chapter XXXI: Aunt Miranda's Apology

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