Rose O' the River

Rose O' the River

Published in 1905, Rose O' the River, became a best-seller for Kate Douglas Wiggin. The novel is populated with charming characters, humour and a fine portrayal of rural life in Maine at the turn of the 20th century.

That Rose Wiley and Stephen Waterman are made for each other and that is all too obvious to the residents of Edgewood and Pleasant Valley. But Rose feels stifled by the small town habits and when a dashing stranger from Boston comes to time, Rose must make choice.

Table of Contents

The Pine and the Rose

Old Kennebec

The Edgewood "Drive"

"Blasphemious Swearin'"

The Game of Jackstraws

Hearts and Other Hearts

The Little House

The Garden of Eden

The Serpent

The Turquoise Ring

Rose Sees the World

Gold and Pinchbeck

A Country Chevalier


The Dream Room

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