The Romance of a Christmas Card

The Romance of a Christmas Card

The endearing Christmas classic The Romance of a Christmas Card was first published in 1916 by Kate Douglas Wiggin. It seems to have been re-discovered in recent years with a surge in popularity and reader interest.

The story unfolds over two consecutive Christmases. The minister's wife, Reba Larrabee, is inspired to create some Christmas cards, complete with verse and images that she writes and paints. The first card is based on her friend Letty Boynton as seen from her cottage window, and the second card, completed the second Christmas at her publisher's request is based on the outside view of the cottage.

All good Christmas stories need a happy ending and a good moral lesson. The Romance of a Christmas Card delivers both when the cards are sent out into the world, reaching estranged loved ones and prodigal sons, ultimately bringing them back to their families. This short novel is a real treat and I hope you will enjoy it.

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