Dom Casmurro

by Machado de Assis

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CII - Married

Imagine a watch that only hung, without a dial, so that you could not see the hours written. The pendulum would go from side to side, but no external signal would show the march of time. This was Tijuca's week.

From time to time we would return to the past and amuse ourselves in remembering our sorrows and calamities, but this was a way of not leaving us. Thus we live again our long waiting for boyfriends, the years of adolescence, the denunciation that is in the first chapters, and we laugh of Jose Dias, who conspired our disunion, and ended up celebrating our consortium. Again and again, we talked about going down, but the mornings were always wet or sunny, and we waited for an overcast day, which was stubborn not to come.

Nevertheless, I thought that Capitú was somewhat impatient to get off. I agreed to stay, but I kept talking about my mother and my mother, about our lack of news, about this and that, so much so that we got a little confused. I asked her if she was upset with me.



"You must always be a child," she said, closing my face between my hands and her eyes meeting mine.

So I waited so many years to bother me in seven days? No, Bentinho; I say this because it is really so, I believe that they could be willing to see us and imagine some disease, and, I confess, for my part, that I wanted to see papae.

"Well, let's go tomorrow."

-No; It must be in time, he laughed, laughing.

I caught him in laughter and in word, but impatience continued, and we came down with sun.

The joy with which she wore her married hat, and the married air with which she gave me her hand to get in and out of the car, and her arm to walk in the street, all showed me that the cause of Capitú's impatience was the signs of the new state. It was not enough for her to be married between four walls and some trees; I needed the rest of the world too. And when I saw myself downstairs, stepping on the streets with her, stopping, looking, talking, I felt the same thing. I invented walks so that they could see me, confirm me and envy me. In the street, many turned their heads curious, others stopped, some asked: "Who are they?" And a man explained: "This is Dr. Santiago, who married for a few days with that girl, D. Capitolina, after a long children; live in Gloria, the families reside in Matacavallos. "And both of them:" She's a geek! "


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