Dom Casmurro

by Machado de Assis

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CIX - A Unique Child

Ezekiel, when the previous chapter began, was not yet begotten; when it was over, it was Christian and Catholic. This other is destined to bring my Ezekiel at the age of five, a handsome young man, with his clear eyes, already restless, as if they wanted to date all the girls of the neighborhood, or almost all. Now, if you consider that he was unique, that no one else came, certain or uncertain, dead or alive, one and only, you will imagine the care he gave us, the somnions he took from us, and what scares us the crises of teeth and others, the smallest febricula, all the common existence of the creations. We went to everything, according to what was necessary and urgent, something that was not necessary to say, but there are readers who are so obtuse, who do not understand anything, if they do not report everything and the rest. Let's go to the rest.


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