Dom Casmurro

by Machado de Assis

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CXLVIII - Well, What About the Rest?

Now, why did none of these capricious things make me forget the first love of my heart? Maybe because none of the eyes had a hangover, or those of a gypsy obliqued and disguised. But this is not the rest of the book itself. The rest is whether the Capitú of Gloria beach was already inside the one of Matacavallos, or if this one was changed in that by the effect of some incident case. Jesus, son of Sirach, if he knew of my first jealousy, he would tell me, as in his chap. IX, vers. 1: "Do not be jealous of your wife so that she does not try to deceive you with the malice she feels about you." But I do not think so, and you will agree with me; if you remember Capitúch well, you must recognize that one was inside the other, like the fruit inside the shell.

And, whatever the solution, one thing remains, and it's the summa of the summa, or the rest of the remains, namely that my first friend and my best friend, so extreme both of them and so dear also, destiny that they would come together and deceive me .... The earth is light to them! Let's go to History of the suburbs.



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