Dom Casmurro

by Machado de Assis

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CXXIII - Hangover Eyes

At last, it was time for the ordering and the departure. Sancha wanted to say good-bye to her husband, and the despair of that move shocked them all. Many men were crying too, all women. Only Capitú, embracing the widow, seemed to be defeating herself. He was consoling the other, he wanted to get her out of it. The confusion was general. In the middle of it, Captain looked for a few moments at the corpse so fixed, so passionately fixed, that no wonder some short, silent tears leapt out ...

Mine ceased soon. I went to see della; Capitú wiped them quickly, looking at the swipe at the people in the room. He corrected her friend with caresses, and he took her away; but the corpse looks like it's too. There was a moment when Capitú's eyes stared at the dead man, those of the widow, without the mourning or words of this, but large and open, as the wave of the sea was there, as if it were to swallow the swimmer in the morning.


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