Dom Casmurro

by Machado de Assis

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CXXIX - To D. Sancha

D. Sancha, I ask you not to read this book; or, if you have read this far, abandon the rest. Just shut it; it will be better to burn him, to give him no temptation, and to april again. If, despite the warning, you want to go to the end, it's your fault; I do not answer for the evil I receive. What he has already done to her, counting the gestures of that sabbath, this is over, since the events, and I with them, deny my illusion; but what is now to be achieved, this is indelible. No, my friend, do not read any more. Go old, without husband or daughter, that I do the same thing, and it is still the best that could be done after the youth. One day, we will go from here to the gate of the sky, where we will find ourselves renewed, like the new plants, Rinovalatte di novelle fronde. The rest in Dante.


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