Dom Casmurro

by Machado de Assis

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CXXXVIII - Capitu Enters

When I raised my head, I found the figure of Capitú before me. Here is another story, which will appear as theatrical, and is as natural as the first, since the mother and the son went to mass, and Capitú did not leave without speaking to me. It was already a brief and short speech; most of the time, I did not even look at her. Ella was always looking, waiting.

This time, when I met her, I do not know if it was from my eyes, but Capitú seemed livid. There followed one of those silences, which, without lying, could be called a century, such is the extension of time in great crises. Capitú recomposed himself; told his son to go away, and asked me to explain ...

"No need to explain," I said.

"There is everything; I do not understand your tears nor those of Ezekiel. What happened between you?

"Did not you hear what I said?"

Capitú replied that he had heard crying and rumor of words. I believe that I had heard everything clearly, but confessing it would be to lose hope of silence and reconciliation; so he denied the hearing and only confirmed the hearing. Without telling him the episode of coffee, I repeated the words at the end of the chapter.

-What? she asked as if she'd heard it badly.

"That he is not my son."

Great was the amazement of Captain, and not less the indignation that succeeded him, so natural both that would doubt the first witnesses of our view. I have heard that ha ha for several cases, a price issue; I do not believe it, especially since the person who told me this had just lost a suit. But whether or not there were rented witnesses, mine was true; nature itself swore by itself, and I did not want to doubt it. So that, without paying any attention to the language of Capitú, to his gestures, to the fact that the twisting, nothing, I repeated the words spoken twice with such resolution that made it slack. After a few moments she said to me:

"Only such insult could be explained by sincere conviction; however, you who were so jealous of the smallest gestures, never revealed the slightest shadow of mistrust. What gave you such an idea? Say, "he continued, seeing that I did not answer anything," tell me everything; after what I've heard, I can hear the rest, it can not be much. What gave you such conviction now? Come on, Bentinho, speak! speak! Leave me here, but say it all first.

"There are things that are not said.

"That they do not say only half; but since I said half, say it all.

He had sat in a chair at the foot of the table. She could be a little confused, the postage was not accused. I asked him once again not to be stubborn.

"No, Bentinho, or tell the rest, so that I defend myself, if you think I have a defense, or I ask you for our separation from now on: I can not!

"The separation is a decided thing, I'll pick you up on the proposal." We had better do it in half words or in silence; each one would go with his wound. Once, however, you insist, here is what I can tell you, and that is all.

I did not say it all; I could scarcely allude to Escobar's affections without uttering his name. Capitú could not stop laughing, a laugh that I feel I can not transcribe here; then, in an ironic and melancholic tone:

"Even the dead!" Even the dead do not escape their jealousy!

He fixed his hood and stood up. She sighed, I think she sighed, while I, who asked for nothing more than the full justification of it, told her I do not know what words fit for this purpose. Capitú looked at me with disdain, and murmured:

"I know the reason for this; it is the coincidence of resemblance ... The will of God will explain everything ... Laugh? It's natural; despite the seminary, does not believe in God; I believe ... But let's not talk about it; It's not good for us to say anything else.


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