Dom Casmurro

Dom Casmurro

Dom Casmurro (1899) is considered Assis's masterpiece of literary Realism, in which he expertly employs the technique of The Unreliable Narrator. It is a fictional memoir of a jealous, vengeful husband with many references to William Shakespeare's plays, rich in themes of betrayal and deception, such as The Merry Wives of Windsor Assis's novel was published in Portuguese in 1899; we used Google translate to offer it, so please excuse some awkwardness in the text, as the English translation (1953) is not yet in the public domain.

Table of Contents

I - About the Title

II - About the Book

III - The Complaint

IV - A Most Loving Duty!

V - The Aggregate

VI - Uncle Cosme

VII - D. Gloria

VIII - It's Time

IX - An Opera

X - I Accept a Theory

XI - A Promise

XII - On the Balcony

XIII - CapitĂș

XIV - The Inscription

XV - Another Sudden Voice

XVI - The Interim Administrator

XVII - The Worms

XVIII - A Plan

XIX - Without Fail

XX - A Thousand Priest-ours and a Thousand Ave Marias

XXI - Before Justina

XXII - Feelings from Others

XXIII - Deadline Given

XXIV - Mother and Servant

XXV - The Promenade

XXVI - The Laws are Beautiful

XXVII - To the Gate

XXVIII - In the Street

XXIX - The Emperor

XXX - The Holy One

XXXI - The Curiosities of CapitĂș

XXXII - Hangover Eyes

XXXIII - The Hairstyle

XXXIV -I'm a Man!

XXXV - Apostolic Protonotary

XXXVI - Ideas Without Legs, Ideas Without Arms

XXXVII - The Soul is Full of Mysteries

XXXVIII - What a Scare, My God!

XXXIX - The Vocation

XL - One Mare

XLI - A Secret Audience

XLII - Reflecting Capitu

XLIII - Are You Afraid?

XLIV - The First Child

XLV - Shake Your Head, Reader

XLVI - Peace

XLVII - "You Left"

XLVIII - Oath of the Well

XLIX - A Candle to the Sabbados

L - A Middle Ground

LI - Between Light and Twinkle

LII - Old Padua

LIII - On My Way

LIV - Panegyrico of Santa Maria

LV - A Sonnet

LVI - A Seminarian

LVII - Preparation

LVIII - The Treaty

LIX - You Live With a Good Memory

LX - Dear Opusculo

LXI - The Homer Vaccine

LXII - A Tip of the Lake

LXIII - Halves of a Dream

LXIV - An Idea and a Scruple

LXV - A Secret

LXVI - Intimacy


LXVIII - Let's Put Off Virtue

LXIX - The Mass

LXX - After Mass

LXXI - Escobar's Visit

LXXII - A Dramatic Change

LXXIII - The Rule

LXXIV - The Clasp

LXXV - The Despair

LXXVI - Explanation

LXXVII - Pleasure of Old Pains

LXXVIII - Secrecy for Secrets

LXXIX - Let's Go to the Chapter

LXXX - On to the Story

LXXXI - A Word

LXXXII - The Couch

LXXXIII - The Portrait

LXXXIV - Called

LXXXV - The Deceased

LXXXVI - Amai Boys!

LXXXVII - The Sege

LXXXVIII - An Honest Pretext

LXXXIX - The Refusal

XC - The Controversy

XCI - Find That Console

XCII - The Devil Is Not As Ugly As It Looks

XCIII - For a Deceased Friend

XCIV - Arithmetical Ideas

XCV - The Pope

XCVI - A Substitute

XCVII - The Exit

XCVIII - Five Years

XCIX - The Son Has the Father's Face

C - "You will be happy, Bentinho!"

CI - In the Sky

CII - Married

CIII - Happiness Has a Good Soul

CIV - The Pyramids

CV - The Arms

CVI - Ten Pounds Stirling

CVII - Jealous of the Sea


CIX - A Unique Child

CX - Childhood Traits

CXI - Count Up Quickly

CXII - The Imitations of Ezekiel

CXIII - Third Party Liens

CXIV - The Explanation

CXV - View Forum Posts

CXVI - Son of the Man

CXVII - Close Friends

CXVIII - The Hand of Sancha

CXIX - Do Not Do It, My Dear

CXX - The Cars

CXXI - The Catastrophe

CXXII - The Burial

CXXIII - Hangover Eyes

CXXIV - The Speech

CXXV - A Comparison

CXXVI - Scismando

CXXVII - The Barber

CXXVIII - Handful of Successes

CXXIX - To D. Sancha

CXXX - One Day

CXXXI - Before the Previous

CXXXII - The Beginning and the Details


CXXXIV - Saturday

CXXXV - Othello

CXXXVI - The Coffee Bean

CXXXVII - The Second Impulse

CXXXVIII - Capitu Enters

CXXXIX - A Photograph

CXL - Back from the Church

CXLI - The Solution

CXLII - A Saint

CXLIII - The Last Superlative

CXLIV - A Late Question

CXLV - The Return

CXLVI - There Was No Leprosy

CXLVII - Retrospective

CXLVIII - Well, What About the Rest?

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