Dom Casmurro

by Machado de Assis

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XXIX - The Emperor

On the way we met the emperor, who came from the Medical School. The bus we were on stopped, like all vehicles; the passengers went down to the street and took off their hats, until the imperial coach passed. When I returned to my place, I had a fantastic idea, the idea of ​​going to the emperor, telling him everything and asking him to intervene. I would not trust it. this idea to Capitú. "Your Majesty asking, Mother gives way," I thought to myself.

Then I saw the emperor listening to me, reflecting and ending by saying yes, that I would speak to my mother; I kissed her hand with tears. And soon I found myself in the house, waiting, until I heard the beaters and the cavalry picket; is the emperor! is the emperor! everyone came to the janellas to watch him pass, but it did not pass, the car stopped at our door, the emperor fell and went inside. Great uproar in the neighborhood: "The emperor entered the house of D. Gloria! What will it be? What will not be? "Our family went out to receive it; my mother was the first to kiss her hand. Then the emperor, all laughing, without entering the room or entering, "I do not remember well, dreams are often confused," you kept my mother from making me priest, and she, flattered and obedient, promised not to.

"Medicine, why do not you tell him to teach medicine?"

Since it pleases Your Majesty ...

"Teach him medicine; It's a beautiful career, and we have good teachers here. Never went to our school? It's a beautiful school. We already have doctors of first order, who can manate with the best of other lands. Medicine is a great science; it is enough to give health to others, to know the discomfort, to fight them, to beat them ... You yourself must have seen miracles. Her husband died, but the disease was fatal, and he was not careful in itself ... It is a beautiful career; Send it to our school. Do it for me, will you? Do you want it, Bentinho?

-Mom wanting.

-I want, my son. Your Majesty rules.

Then the emperor would kiss his hand again, and he would go out, accompanied by all of us, the street full of people, the window tops, a silence of wonder; the emperor would get in the car, leaning forward and making a good-bye gesture, saying, "Medicine, our School." And the car left between envy and thanks.

All this I have seen and heard. No, Ariosto's imagination is no more fertile than that of the boy and the boyfriends, nor does the vision of the impossible need more than an omnibus. I comforted myself for a moment, let's say minutes, until the plan was destroyed and I turned to the dreamless faces of my companions.


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