The Cat's Paw

The Cat's Paw

The Cat's Paw

is one of Ms. Lincoln's popular novels, set in Washington, D.C. With chapters entitled "Corruption" "Bribery" and "Greed" she echoes timeless themes of events in our nation's capitol that shouldn't surprise the modern reader. Check out Mystery Stories for favorite crime and detective whodunnits.

Table of Contents

Chapter I - "Kitty!"

Chapter II - The Summons

Chapter III - Details

Chapter IV - Suicide?

Chapter V - At the Morgue

Chapter VI - Testimony

Chapter VII - Mrs. Parsons Has Callers

Chapter VIII - The Case of the Gila Monster

Chapter IX - Mrs. Parsons Has Questions

Chapter X - Rumors

Chapter XI - I.O.U.

Chapter XII - A Word of Warning

Chapter XIII - Bribery

Chapter XIV - And Corruption

Chapter XV - Bound in Red Tape

Chapter XVI - A Startling Encounter

Chapter XVII - K.B.

Chapter XVIII - Elusive Clues

Chapter XIX - Suspicion

Chapter XX - The Feet of the Furtive

Chapter XXI - Mouchette, The Seven-Toed

Chapter XXII - Greed

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