The Financier

The Titan

The Titan (1914) is Dreiser's second novel in the Trilogy of Desire, preceded by The Financier (1912), and followed by The Stoic (1947). The series is based on the life of Chicago streetcar tycoon, Charles Tyson Yerkes. The accompanying portrait of Yerkes is by Jan van Beers (1893),

. Chicago streetcars
Table of Contents

Chapter I: The New City

Chapter II: The Reconnoiter

Chapter III: A Chicago Evening

Chapter IV: Peter Laughlin & Co.

Chapter V: Concerning a Wife and Family

Chapter VI: The New Queen of the Home

Chapter VII: Chicago Gas

Chapter VIII: Now This Is Fighting

Chapter XI: In Search of Victory

Chapter X: A Test

Chapter XI: The Fruits of Daring

Chapter XII: A New Retainer

Chapter XIII: The Die Is Cast

Chapter XIV: Undercurrents

Chapter XV: A New Affection

Chapter XVI: A Fateful Interlude

Chapter XVII: An Overture to Conflict

Chapter XVIII: The Clash

Chapter XIX: "Hell Hath No Fury---"

Chapter XX: "Man and Superman"

Chapter XXI: A Matter of Tunnels

Chapter XXII: Street-railways at Last

Chapter XXIII: The Power of the Press

Chapter XXIV: The Coming of Stephanie Platow

Chapter XXV: Airs from the Orient

Chapter XXVI: Love and War

Chapter XXVII: A FInancier Bewitched

Chapter XXVIII: The Exposure of Stephanie

Chapter XXIX: A Family Quarrel

Chapter XXX: Obstacles

Chapter XXXI: Untoward Disclosures

Chapter XXXII: A Supper Party

Chapter XXXIII: Mr. Lynde To the Rescue

Chapter XXXIV: Enter Hosmer Hand

Chapter XXXV: A Political Agreement

Chapter XXXVI: An Election Draws Near

Chapter XXXVII: Aileen's Revenge

Chapter XXXVIII: An Hour of Defeat

Chapter XXXIX: The New Administration

Chapter XL: A Trip to Louisville

Chapter XLI: The Daughter of Mrs. Fleming

Chapter XLII: F.A. Cowperwood, Guardian

Chapter XLIII: The Planet Mars

Chapter XLIV: A Franchise Obtained

Chapter XLV: Changing Horizons

Chapter XLVI: Depths and Heights

Chapter XLVII: American Match

Chapter XLVIII: Panic

Chapter XLIX: Mount Olympus

Chapter L: A New York Mansion

Chapter LI: The Revival of Hattie Starr

Chapter LII: Behind the Arras

Chapter LIII: A Declaration of Love

Chapter LIV: Wanted-- Fifty-year Franchises

Chapter LV: Cowperwood and the Governor

Chapter LVI: The Ordeal of Berenice

Chapter LVII: Aileen's Last Card

Chapter LVIII: A Marauder Across the Commonwealth

Chapter LIX: Capital and Public Rights

Chapter LX: The Net

Chapter LXI: The Cataclysm

Chapter LXII: The Recompense

In Retrospect

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