Victor Appleton

Victor Appleton

Victor Appleton was the pseudonym used by Edward Stratemeyer Syndicate, the author and publisher of the popular juvenile science fiction and adventure series, Tom Swift, particularly popular during the Great War era (the first series spanned 1910-1941). The main character invents useful wartime technology such as airships, tanks, photo telephones, wizard cameras, and air scouts. These stories were a hopeful escape from the realities of fear and loss during wartime. The series included:

  • Tom Swift and His Motor Cycle (1910)
  • Tom Swift and His Aerial Warship (1915)
  • Tom Swift and His Air Scout (1919)
  • Tom Swift and His Talking Pictures (1928)
  • Tom Swift and His Sky Train (1931)
  • Tom Swift and His Magnetic Silencer (1941)

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