Tom Swift and His Airship

Tom Swift and His Airship

Tom Swift and His Airship; or, The Stirring Cruise of the Red Cloud (1910) was particularly popular leading up to the Great War, part of the popular juvenile science fiction and adventure series in which the main character creates amazing wartime inventions to save the day. In this story, Tom invents an innovative airship that is half dirigible, half bi-plane, featuring an outlandish gondola with a kitchen, engine room and observation room. His father, Barton Swift, also an inventor, designs what will be the world's most advanced submarine. These books were great escapes from the realities of fear and loss during the War.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - An Explosion

Chapter 2 - Ned Sees Mysterious Men

Chapter 3 - Whitewashed

Chapter 4 - A Trial Trip

Chapter 5 - Colliding With a Tower

Chapter 6 - Getting Off the Roof

Chapter 7 - Andy Tries a Trick

Chapter 8 - Winning a Prize

Chapter 9 - The Runaway Auto

Chapter 10 - A Bag of Tools

Chapter 11 - The Red Cloud Departs

Chapter 12 - Some Startling News

Chapter 13 - Mr. Damon In Danger

Chapter 14 - Andy Gives the Clue

Chapter 15 - Fired Upon

Chapter 16 - Over a Fiery Furnace

Chapter 17 - "Wanted for Robbery!"

Chapter 18 - Back for Vindication

Chapter 19 - Wrecked

Chapter 20 - Tom Gets a Clue

Chapter 21 - On the Trail

Chapter 22 - The Sheriff On Board

Chapter 23 - On To The Camp

Chapter 24 - The Raid

Chapter 25 - Andy Gets His Reward

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