Tom Swift and His Aerial Warship

Tom Swift and His Aerial Warship

Tom Swift and His Aerial Warship; or The Naval Terror of the Seas (1915) was published in the midst of the Great War and was part of the popular juvenile science fiction and adventure series in which the main character creates amazing wartime inventions to save the day. In this story, Tom invents a huge airship for military use, and mitigates the problem of recoil on heavy weaponry. The Tom Swift series provided a bit of escape and hope during a time of fear and loss during the War.

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Table of Contents

Chapter I - Tom Is Puzzled

Chapter II - A Fire Alarm

Chapter III - A Desperate Battle

Chapter IV - Suspicions

Chapter V - A Queer Stranger

Chapter VI - The Aerial Warship

Chapter VII - Warnings

Chapter VIII - A Suspected Plot

Chapter IX - The Recoil Check

Chapter X - The New Men

Chapter XI - A Day Off

Chapter XII - A Night Alarm

Chapter XIII - The Capture

Chapter XIV - The First Flight

Chapter XV - In Danger

Chapter XVI - Tom Is Worried

Chapter XVII - An Ocean Flight

Chapter XVIII - In A Storm

Chapter XIX - Queer Happenings

Chapter XX - The Stowaways

Chapter XXI - Prisoners

Chapter XXII - Apprehensions

Chapter XXIII - Across the Sea

Chapter XXIV - The Lightning Bolt

Chapter XXV - Freedom

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