Tom Swift and His War Tank

Tom Swift and His War Tank

Tom Swift and His War Tank; or, Doing His Bit for Uncle Sam (1918) was published towards the end of the Great War and was part of the popular juvenile science fiction and adventure series in which the main character creates amazing wartime inventions to save the day. The British Army first deployed tanks on the Western Front during World War I, and in this story, Tom invents a bigger, faster tank (12 mph), able to bridge wider trenches than existing models. Tom Swift books provided hope and a happy ending during a time of fear and loss during the War.

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Table of Contents

Chapter I - Past Memories

Chapter II - Tom's Indifference

Chapter III - Ned Is Worried

Chapter IV - Queer Doings

Chapter V - "Is He A Slacker?"

Chapter VI - Seeing Things

Chapter VII - Up A Tree

Chapter VIII - Detective Rad

Chapter IX - A Night Test

Chapter X - A Runaway Giant

Chapter XI - Tom's Tank

Chapter XII - Bridging a Gap

Chapter XIII - Into a Trench

Chapter XIV - The Ruined Factory

Chapter XV - Across Country

Chapter XVI - The Old Barn

Chapter XVII - Veiled Threats

Chapter XVIII - Ready for France

Chapter XIX - Tom Is Missing

Chapter XX - The Search

Chapter XXI - A Prisoner

Chapter XXII - Rescued

Chapter XXIII - Gone

Chapter XXIV - Camouflaged

Chapter XXV - Foiled

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