The Moonstone

The Moonstone

The Moonstone was first published in 1868, the U.S. edition was published in 1874 (the edition featured here). Collins' novel is credited as being one of the first modern English detective novels. The references to Daniel Defoe's novel, Robinson Crusoe may inspire you to re-read it. You may also enjoy our collection of Detective Novels.

Table of Contents

Prologue - The Storming of Seringapatam

First Period - Chapter I - The Loss of the Diamond

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

Chapter V

Chapter VI

Chapter VII

Chapter VIII

Chapter IX

Chapter X

Chapter XI

Chapter XII

Chapter XIII

Chapter XIV

Chapter XV

Chapter XVI

Chapter XVII

Chapter XVIII

Chapter XIX

Chapter XX

Chapter XXI

Chapter XXII

Second Period - First Narrative - Chapter I

Second Period - Chapter II

Second Period - Chapter III

Second Period - Chapter IV

Second Period - Chapter V

Second Period - Chapter VI

Second Period - Chapter VII

Second Period - Second Narrative - Chapter I

Second Narrative - Chapter II

Second Narrative - Chapter III

Second Period - Third Narrative - Chapter I

Third Narrative - Chapter II

Third Narrative - Chapter III

Third Narrative - Chapter IV

Third Narrative - Chapter V

Third Narrative - Chapter VI

Third Narrative - Chapter VII

Third Narrative - Chapter VIII

Third Narrative - Chapter IX

Third Narrative - Chapter X

Fourth Narrative

Fifth Narrative

Sixth Narrative

Seventh Narrative

Eighth Narrative

Epilogue - The Finding of the Diamond

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