The Song of the Lark

The Song of the Lark

The Song of the Lark is the second novel in Cather's Prairie Trilogy, following O Pioneers! (1913), preceding the third novel, My √Āntonia (1918). Thea Kronborg is a talented singer who grew up in a small town in Colorado called Moonstone, during the period when the American West was booming with railroad expansion, and fast-growing Chicago nearby. [Featured painting by Jules Breton inspired the author's title, Song of the Lark, 1884, Art Institute of Chicago.]

"It was a wond'rous lovely storm that drove me!" -- Lenau's "Don Juan"

On uplands,
             At morning,
The world was young, the winds were free;
             A garden fair,
             In that blue desert air,
Its guest invited me to be.

Table of Contents

Part I - Friends of Childhood - Chapter I

Part I - Chapter II

Part I - Chapter III

Part I - Chapter IV

Part I - Chapter V

Part I - Chapter VI

Part I - Chapter VII

Part I - Chapter VIII

Part I - Chapter IX

Part I - Chapter X

Part I - Chapter XI

Part I - Chapter XII

Part I - Chapter XIII

Part I - Chapter XIV

Part I - Chapter XV

Part I - Chapter XVI

Part I - Chapter XVII

Part I - Chapter XVIII

Part I - Chapter XIX

Part I - Chapter XX

Part II - The Song of the Lark - Chapter I

Part II - Chapter II

Part II - Chapter III

Part II - Chapter IV

Part II - Chapter V

Part II - Chapter VI

Part II - Chapter VII

Part II - Chapter VIII

Part II - Chapter IX

Part II - Chapter X

Part II - Chapter XI

Part III - Stupid Faces - Chapter I

Part III - Chapter II

Part III - Chapter III

Part III - Chapter IV

Part III - Chapter V

Part III - Chapter VI

Part IV - The Ancient People - Chapter I

Part IV - Chapter II

Part IV - Chapter III

Part IV - Chapter IV

Part IV - Chapter V

Part IV - Chapter VI

Part IV - Chapter VII

Part IV - Chapter VIII

Part V - Dr. Archie's Venture - Chapter I

Part V - Chapter II

Part V - Chapter III

Part V - Chapter IV

Part V - Chapter V

Part VI - Kronburg, Ten Years Later - Chapter I

Part VI - Chapter II

Part VI - Chapter III

Part VI - Chapter IV

Part VI - Chapter V

Part VI - Chapter VI

Part VI - Chapter VII

Part VI - Chapter VIII

Part VI - Chapter IX

Part VI - Chapter X

Part VI - Chapter XI


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