Adventures of the Teenie Weenies

Adventures of the Teenie Weenies

Adventures of the Teenie Weenies (1920) is a delightful series of adventures with two-inch high characters. It was written and illustrated by the creator of The Teenie Weenies comic strip, which appeared in the Chicago Tribune for over fifty years. His book is featured in Books for Young Readers.

William Donahey, The Teenie Weenie characters
Table of Contents

The Teenie Weenies

Introducing the Teenie Weenies

The Easter Egg

The Rain Came Down by the Thimblefull

Gogo and the Cook Run Across an Early Bird

The Dunce Picks a Soft Place to Fall

Help! Policemans!


The Chinaman Asks for a Cistern

The Doctor Saves a Bird

Friday the Thirteenth

An Invitation

The Mouse-Back Race

A Watermelon Feast

The Dunce Gets Stuck in a Plate of Taffy

The Great Field Day

The Dunce Pulls a Tooth

An Adventure with a Frog

Something About a Bear

The Invention

The Great Ball

A Most Unlucky Mouse

Mrs. Mouse Asks a Favor

The Scotchman Goes South

Fire! Fire! Fire!

The Dunce Takes a Tumble

The Clown Falls Off a Spool and Knocks Down a House

The Army Is Put to Rout

Coughing Syrup

The Clown Has a Narrow Escape

A Squirrel to the Rescue

A Christmas Present

Mother Bunch Drinks a Toast

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