C. Collodi created the legendary character, Pinocchio, The Tale of a Puppet. Originally titled The Story of a Marionette, but most commonly simply called Pinocchio, was originally published in 1880 in the first Italian magazine for children. It is about an old carpenter, Geppetto's clever invention of a puppet who has adventures as a real boy. The beloved character, the talking cricket (long before Disney's version named him Jiminy) and a fairy can help, but cannot keep him entirely out of harm's way. His assailants include a cast of assassins, a fox, a cat, and a dog. He turns into a donkey and is swallowed by a dog-fish.

Pinocchio title page Numerous adaptations have delighted generations of children since its original creation by Collodi, most memorable, Walt Disney's Pinocchio. It remains one of Disney's greatest movies, released in 1940.

We've chosen the 1916 edition featuring beautiful illustrations by Alice Carsey. Enjoy rediscovering its magic by reading this classic children's story with your favorite child.

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Pinocchio title page

Table of Contents

Chapter I - The Piece of Wood that Laughed and Cried Like a Child

Chapter II - Master Cherry Gives the Wood Away

Chapter III - Geppetto Names His Puppet Pinocchio

Chapter IV - The Talking-Cricket Scolds Pinocchio

Chapter V - The Flying Egg

Chapter VI - Pinocchio's Feet Burn to Cinders

Chapter VII - Geppetto Gives His Own Breakfast to Pinocchio

Chapter VIII - Geppetto Makes Pinocchio New Feet

Chapter IX - Pinocchio Goes to See a Puppet-Show

Chapter X - The Puppets Recognize Their Brother Pinocchio

Chapter XI - Fire-Eater Sneezes and Pardons Pinocchio

Chapter XII - Pinocchio Receives a Present of Five Gold Pieces

Chapter XIII - The Inn of the Red Craw-Fish

Chapter XIV - Pinocchio Falls Amongst Assassins

Chapter XV - The Assassins Hang Pinocchio to the Big Oak Tree

Chapter XVI - The Beautiful Child Rescues the Puppet

Chapter XVII - Pinocchio Will Not Take His Medicine

Chapter XVIII - Pinocchio Again Meets the Fox and the Cat

Chapter XIX - Pinocchio is Robbed of His Money

Chapter XX - Pinocchio Starts Back to the Fairy's House

Chapter XXI - Pinocchio Acts as Watch-Dog

Chapters XXII - Pinocchio Discovers the Robbers

Chapter XXIII - Pinocchio Flies to the Seashore

Chapter XXIV - Pinocchio Finds the Fairy Again

Chapter XXV - Pinocchio Promises the Fairy to Be Good

Chapter XXVI - The Terrible Dog-Fish

Chapter XXVII - Pinocchio is Arrested by the Gendarmes

Chapter XXVIII - Pinocchio Escapes Being Fried Like a Fish

Chapter XXIX - He Returns to the Fairy's House

Chapter XXX - The "Land of Boobies"

Chapter XXXI - Pinocchio Enjoys Five Months of Happiness

Chapter XXXII - Pinocchio Turns in to a Donkey

Chapter XXXIII - Pinocchio is Trained for the Circus

Chapter XXXIV - Pinocchio Is Swallowed by the Dog-Fish

Chapter XXXV - A Happy Surprise for Pinocchio

Chapter XXXVI - Pinocchio at Last Ceases to Be a Puppet and Becomes a Boy

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