Seven Little Australians

Seven Little Australians

Seven Little Australians (1894) is set in Sydney in the 1880s, a story about the adventures of the mischievous Woolcot children. Turner's children's novel is featured in our collection of Books for Young Readers.

Table of Contents

CHAPTER I - Chiefly Descriptive

CHAPTER II - Fowl for Dinner

CHAPTER III - Virtue Not Always Rewarded

CHAPTER IV - The General Sees Active Service

CHAPTER V - "Next Monday Morning"

CHAPTER VI - The Sweetness of Sweet Sixteen

CHAPTER VII - "What Say You to Falling in Love?"

CHAPTER VIII - A Catapult and a Catastrophe

CHAPTER IX - Consequences

CHAPTER X - Bunty in the Light of a Hero

CHAPTER XI - The Truant

CHAPTER XII - Swish, Swish!

CHAPTER XIII - Uninvited Guests

CHAPTER XIV - The Squatter's Invitation

CHAPTER XV - Three Hundred Miles in the Train

CHAPTER XVI - Yarrahappini

CHAPTER XVII - Cattle-Drafting at Yarrahappini

CHAPTER XVIII - The Picnic at Krangi-Bahtoo

Chapter XIX - A Pale-Blue Hair Ribbon

CHAPTER XX - Little Judy

CHAPTER XXI - When the Sun Went Down


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