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The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle

Hugh Lofting's sequel to The Story of Doctor Dolittle, which first introduced us to the very special man who could talk to the animals and come to their aid. The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle takes us to Polynesia and beyond, far from his home of Puddleby-on-the-Marsh. The book, written and illustrated by Lofting, was published in 1922. Its subtitle, "The Popsipetel Picture-History of King John Thinkalot," invites us to embark on the doctor's fanciful adventures.

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The First Chapter: The First Chapter: The Cobbler's Son

The Second Chapter: I Hear of the Great Naturalist

The Third Chapter: The Doctor's Home

The Fourth Chapter: The Wiff-Waff

The Fifth Chapter: Polynesia

The Sixth Chapter: The Wounded Squirrel

The Seventh Chapter: Shellfish Talk

The Eighth Chapter: Are You A Good Noticer?

The Ninth Chapter: The Garden of Dreams

The Tenth Chapter: The Private Zoo

The Eleventh Chapter: My Schoolmaster, Polynesia

The Twelfth Chapter: My Great Idea

The Thirteenth Chapter: A Traveler Arrives

The Fourteenth Chapter: Chee-Chee's Voyage

The Fifteenth Chapter: I Become a Doctor's Assistant

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