The Story of Abraham Lincoln

The Story of Abraham Lincoln

The Story of Abraham Lincoln was published in Baldwin's book for young Americans, Four Great Americans: Washington, Franklin, Webster, Lincoln (1897). As a young boy, Lincoln wrote this in his schoolbook: "Abraham Lincoln, his hand and pen, he will be good, but God knows when." The story is perfect for young or reluctant readers who are building confidence with chapter books. Enjoy reading more about Abraham Lincoln and his most famous speeches, including The Gettysburg Address. You might also enjoy reading Theodore Roosevelt's biography, Lincoln: Hero Tales from American History, and Ida Tarbell's short story, He Knew Lincoln.

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Table of Contents

Chapter I: The Kentucky Home

Chapter II: Work and Sorrow

Chapter III: The New Mother

Chapter IV: School and Books

Chapter V: Life in the Backwoods

Chapter VI: The Boatman

Chapter VII: The First Years in Illinois

Chapter VIII: The Black Hawk War

Chapter IX: In the Legislature

Chapter X: Politics and Marriage

Chapter XI: Congressman and Lawyer

Chapter XII: The Question of Slavery

Chapter XIII: Lincoln and Douglas

Chapter XIV: President of the United States

Chapter XV: The End of a Great Life

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