Abraham Lincoln

 A portrait of Abraham Lincoln

No American has ever been more American than Abraham Lincoln.

Out of our young but rich history, it is his life -- complete with failure, triumph and tragedy -- that we choose to believe in. It is in his story that we find a fundamentally American belief: That any American, blessed by the freedom of this country, can rise as high and as far as his or her talent and industry will carry them.

It was through Lincoln's writing and oratory that a singular and distinctive American voice emerged on the world stage. It was a voice no longer deeply bound by European traditions of thought and manners of prose; it was new and distinct and it's meter and style were as bold as the ideas it conveyed. Like the man, his words started coarse and plain but over time and with great effort an undeniable eloquence emerged. Here we present The Gettysburg Address, his most famous work, but also some lesser known but equally important artifacts.

They hold the words that helped to shape the nation. They are wonderful to read carefully; and to consider again and again.

Young readers may enjoy the chapter book, The Story of Abraham Lincoln. You might also enjoy reading Theodore Roosevelt's biography, Abraham Lincoln: Hero Tales from American History, and Walt Whitman's essay, Abraham Lincoln.

Visit American History and the African American Library for other important historical documents and figures who helped shape America.

Abraham Lincoln mourning ribbon

The Gettysburg Address

First Inaugural Address of Abraham Lincoln

"The House Divided" Speech

Second State of the Union Address

First State of the Union Address

Third State of the Union Address

Fourth State of the Union Address

Abraham Lincoln: Why Some Succeed While Others Fail

Abraham Lincoln's Farewell Address

Thanksgiving Day Proclamation, 1863

A Legacy of Fun

Second Inaugural Address of Abraham Lincoln

Emancipation Proclamation

Abraham Lincoln: A Child's Biography

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