The Pilgrim's Progress

The Pilgrim's Progress

The Pilgrim's Progress, subtitled, "from This World, to That Which Is to Come" was published in 1678. It is a Christian allegory, a blueprint for a young person's moral journey. The book is one of the most translated (100 languages) and most-read books after The Bible (but that was before best-selling mystery writer, Agatha Christie sold 2 billion books). We offer the 1909 edition, subtitled, "Every Child Can Read" edited by Rev. Jesse Lyman Hurlbut, D.D. We feature the book in our collection of Books for Young Readers, though its popularity has waned in recent generations.

The Pilgrim's Progress, cover

The trials that those men do meet withal,
That are obedient to the heavenly call,
Are manifold, and suited to the flesh,
And come, and come, and come again 
That now, or some time else, we by 
them may
Be taken, overcome, and cast away.
Oh, let the pilgrims, let the pilgrims 
Be vigilant and quit themselves 
like men!
          -- Part I, Chapter V

The Pilgrim's Progress, Christian feeling guilty

The Pilgrim's Progress, Christian's wife

Table of Contents


Part I - Chapter I

Part I - Chapter II

Part I - Chapter III

Part I - Chapter IV

Part I - Chapter V

Part I - Chapter VI

Part I - Chapter VII

Part I - Chapter VIII

Part I - Chapter IX

Part I - Chapter X

Part I - Chapter XI

Part I - Conclusion

Part II - Chapter I - Courteous Companions

Part II - Chapter II

Part II - Chapter III

Part II - Chapter IV - The Cross and the Consequences

Part II - Chapter V - The Palace Beautiful

Part II - Chapter VI - The Valley of Humiliation

Part II - Chapter VII - Entertained by Gaius

Part II - Chapter VIII - The Delectable Mountains and the Shepherds

Part II - Chapter IX - The Enchanted Ground

Part II - Chapter X - The Pilgrims at Home

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