The Flying Girl

The Flying Girl

Published under the pen name, Edith Van Dyne, L. Frank Baum wrote The Flying Girl (1911), a bold story, considering the Wright Brothers' first flight was 1903, and Amelia Earhart didn't take her first flight until 1920. We think children will still find its story appealing, though perhaps a bit less sensational than for the children who read it when flying still seemed a bit like magic.

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The Flying Girl Orissa in her plane

Table of Contents

Chapter I - Orissa

Chapter II - The Discipline of Aviation

Chapter III - The Kane Aircraft

Chapter IV - Mr. Burthon is Confident

Chapter V - Between Man and Man, and a Girl

Chapter VI - A Bucking Biplane

Chapter VII - Something Wrong

Chapter VIII - Mr. Burthon's Proposition

Chapter IX - The Other Fellow

Chapter X - A Fresh Start

Chapter XI - Orissa Resigns

Chapter XII - The Spying of Tot Tyler

Chapter XIII - Sybil is Critical

Chapter XIV - The Flying Fever

Chapter XV - A Final Test

Chapter XVI - The Opening Gun

Chapter XVII - A Curious Accident

Chapter XVIII - The One to Blame

Chapter XIX - Planning the Campaign

Chapter XX - Uncle and Niece

Chapter XXI - Mr. H. Chesterton Radley-Todd

Chapter XXII - The Flying Girl

Chapter XXIII - A Battle in the Air

Chapter XXIV - The Criminal

Chapter XXV - The Real Heroine

Chapter XXVI - Of Course

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