The Master Key: An Electrical Fairy Tale

The Master Key: An Electrical Fairy Tale

L. Frank Baum's "illuminating" fairy tale, The Master Key: An Electrical Fairy Tale (1901) features illustrations by F.Y. Cory. Though you could never get away with this today, Baum's subtext: "Founded upon the mysteries of electricity and the optimism of its devotees. it was written for boys, but others may read it too."

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The Master Key table of contents

Table of Contents

Who Knows?

Chapter I - Rob's Workshop

Chapter II - The Demon of Electricity

Chapter III - The Three Gifts

Chapter IV - Testing the Instruments

Chapter V - Cannibal Island

Chapter VI - The Buccaneers

Chapter VII - The Demon Becomes Angry

Chapter VIII - Rob Acquires New Powers

Chapter IX - The Second Journey

Chapter X - How Rob Served a Mighty King

Chapter XI - The Man of Science

Chapter XII - How Rob Saved a Republic

Chapter XIII - Rob Loses His Treasures

Chapter XIV - Turk and Tatar

Chapter XV - A Battle with Monsters

Chapter XVI - Shipwrecked Mariners

Chapter XVII - The Coast of Oregon

Chapter XVIII - A Narrow Escape

Chapter XIX - Rob Makes a Resolution

Chapter XX - The Unhappy Demon

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