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One of Ours

One of Ours (1922) earned Cather the Pulitzer Prize in 1923. We feature it in Pulitzer Prize Fiction.

The book follows the journey of Claude Wheeler, from his home a farm in Nebraska to the bloody battle fields of France and World War I. In the first part of the book, Claude has his horizons expanded when he attends a university and meets the Eldrich family. They have broader views and live a more lively life than Claude has known. He quickly adapts their ways, but is called away from the university and back to his family farm where his father has just expanded their operations and needs his help.

Stuck back on the farm, Claude marries a local woman, Enid Royce, but the marriage is an unhappy one for Claude; his wife seems much more interested in activism than fulfilling the idealistic role that Claude had envisioned. Drifting, and looking for purpose Claude answers the call to battle.

Table of Contents

Book One: On Lovely Creek.

Book One - Chapter I

Book One - Chapter II

Book One - Chapter III

Book One - Chapter IV

Book One - Chapter V

Book One - Chapter VI

Book One - Chapter VII

Book One - Chapter VIII

Book One - Chapter IX

Book One - Chapter X

Book One - Chapter XI

Book One - Chapter XII

Book One - Chapter XIII

Book One - Chapter XIV

Book One - Chapter XV

Book One - Chapter XVI

Book One - Chapter XVII

Book One - Chapter XVIII

Book One - Chapter XIX

Book Two: Enid.

Book Two - Chapter I

Book Two - Chapter II

Book Two - Chapter III

Book Two - Chapter IV

Book Two - Chapter V

Book Two - Chapter VI

Book Two - Chapter VII

Book Two - Chapter VIII

Book Two - Chapter IX

Book Two - Chapter X

Book Two - Chapter XI

Book Two - Chapter XII

Book Three: Sunrise on the Prairie.

Book Three - Chapter I

Book Three - Chapter II

Book Three - Chapter III

Book Three - Chapter IV

Book Three - Chapter V

Book Three - Chapter VI

Book Three - Chapter VII

Book Three - Chapter VIII

Book Three - Chapter IX

Book Three - Chapter X

Book Three - Chapter XI

Book Three - Chapter XII

Book Three - Chapter XIII

Book Four: The Voyage of the Anchises.

Book Four - Chapter I

Book Four - Chapter II

Book Four - Chapter III

Book Four - Chapter IV

Book Four - Chapter V

Book Four - Chapter VI

Book Four - Chapter VII

Book Four - Chapter VIII

Book Four - Chapter IX

Book Five: "Bidding the Eagles of the West Fly On".

Book Five - Chapter I

Book Five - Chapter II

Book Five - Chapter III

Book Five - Chapter IV

Book Five - Chapter V

Book Five - Chapter VI

Book Five - Chapter VII

Book Five - Chapter VIII

Book Five - Chapter IX

Book Five - Chapter X

Book Five - Chapter XI

Book Five - Chapter XII

Book Five - Chapter XIII

Book Five - Chapter XIV

Book Five - Chapter XV

Book Five - Chapter XVI

Book Five - Chapter XVII

Book Five - Chapter XVIII

Book Five - Chapter XIX

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