A Motor-Flight Through France

A Motor-Flight Through France

A Motor-Flight Through France (1908) is Wharton's travel novel espousing the revolutionary new mode of touring: "The motor-car has restored the romance of travel." Long before the days of interstate highways, indeed!

You may also enjoy another early car-trip adventure, Sinclair Lewis's Free Air.

A Motor Flight Through France, Arras

Table of Contents

Part I - Chapter I - From Boulogne to Amiens

Chapter II - Beauvais and Rouen

Chapter III - From Rouen to Fontainebleau

Chapter IV - The Loire and the Inre

Chapter V - Nohant to Clermont

Chapter VI - In Auvergne

Chapter VII - Royat to Bourges

Part II - Chapter I - Paris to Poitiers

Chapter II - Potiers to the Pyrenees

Chapter III - The Pyrenees to Provence

Chapter IV - The Rhone to the Seine

Part III - A Flight to the North-East

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