Free Air

Free Air

Free Air (1919) was one of the first novels about an automobile-powered road trip across the United States, decades before Jack Kerouac's On the Road, dependable vehicles, and interstate highways. It offers fascinating accounts of America's little traveled, scenic byways, from Great Cloud, Minnesota to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone in Wyoming to Snoqualmie Pass, Washington. It even features a class in engineering and omelettes (Chapter XXVII) and tooth-mug tea (Chapter XXXIII).
[Featured photo of Alice Huyler Ramsey and her auto with a 1908 license plate.]

You may also enjoy another early car-trip adventure, Edith Wharton's A Motor-Flight Through France (1908).

Table of Contents

I - Miss Boltwood of Brooklyn Is Lost in the Mud

II - Claire Escapes From Respectability

III - A Young Man in a Raincoat

IV - A Room Without

V - Release Brake, Shift to Third

VI - The Land of Billowing Clouds

VII - The Great American Frying Pan

VIII - The Discovery of Canned Shrimps and Hesperides

IX - The Man With Agate Eyes

X - The Curious Incident of the Unexpected Road

XI - Sagebrush Tourists of the Great Highway

XII - The Wonders of Nature with All Modern Improvements

XIII - Adventurers by Firelight

XIV - The Beast of the Corral

XV - The Black Day of the Voyage

XVI - The Spectacles of Authority

XVII - The Vagabond in Green

XVIII - The Fallacy of Romance

XIX- The Night of Endless Pines

XX - The Free Woman

XXI - The Mine of Lost Souls

XXII - Across the Roof of the World

XXIII - The Grael in a Back Yard in Yakima

XXIV - Her Own People

XXV - The Abyssinian Prince

XXVI - A Class in Engineering and Omelettes

XXVII - The Viciousness of Nice Things

XXVIII - The Morning Coat of Mr. Hudson B. Gibbs

XXIX - The Enemy Love

XXX - The Virtuous Plotters

XXXI - The Kitchen Intimate

XXXII - The Cornfield Aristocrat

XXXIII - Tooth-Mug Tea

XXXIV - The Beginning of a Story

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