Edgar Allan Poe: The Raven
The Raven

The Raven - Study Guide

Edgar Allan Poe's epic poem, The Raven (1845) is popular with English teachers. We hope this study guide is particularly helpful for students to more fully appreciate and enjoy Poe's writing style and references to the occult or black magic.

Read the poem: The Raven, Character Analysis & Plot Summary, Genre & Themes, Symbol & Allusions, Rhyming Scheme & Vocabulary, Historical Context, Quotes, Discussion Questions, Paired Reading, Useful Links, and Notes/Teacher Comments

The Raven study guide: illustration by Gustave Dore with skeleton, 1884
Gustave Dore illustration "Sorrow for the lost Lenore"

Character Analysis & Plot Summary


Plot Summary

The Raven study guide: illustration by John Rea Neill, 1910
John Rea Neill illustration, 1910

Genre & Themes